Super-Flow® V extended surface area and low pressure drop minipleat filters are designed for use in most commercial and industrial HVAC systems where medium to high efficiency filtration is required. Super-Flow®V filters are available in average efficiency ranges: 75%, 85%, 95% and 98% per ASHRAE Standard 52.1 test methods and 95% DOP. They may be operated at face velocities from 0 to 750 fpm.  Super-Flow®V filters are UL 900 Class 2 listed.

Super-Flow® V filters are constructed of multiple minipleat panels bonded to flame-retardant plastic panels on top and bottom to make an unusually strong assembly that is both corrosion and moisture resistant. Aerodynamic extruded vertical supports minimize air entry turbulence. Super-Flow® V filters are totally rigid making them ideal for variable air volume (VAV) systems, as well as applications downstream of supply fans.

Low Pressure Drop
Super-Flow® V minipleat filters have an exceptionally low clean pressure drop unmatched by most any filter of the same efficiency. This affords low fan energy costs during much of the life of the filter system. In addition, they are the filters of choice for packaged air conditioning systems that do not have the fan capacity of larger central systems.
Longer service life means material and labor cost savings and less disruption of systems caused by filter change-out shutdowns. High dust holding capacity is a key benefit of a filter with increased media area.