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Paint Booth

Quality Air Filters for Spray Finish Booths and HVAC Applications


Intake filters are as important to a great paint job as the booth itself. The intake filters are the primary defense against foreign particles landing on the painting surface. Any particle larger than 10 microns can cause a defect on a paint job. Independent tests results have proven that our diffusion media stops 100% of all paint damaging particles fro passing through the filter.

SA 600 G10SA 600 G10

  • Highest level of protection against paint damaging particles
  • Able to withstand high temperature applications, up to 140 ° Celsius 
  • Does not discolor or break down in the heated booth
  • 1” depth
  • High dust holding capacity
  • Normal service life is 10-18 months
  • Available in bulk rolls and cut pads

SAR 1 PadSAR 1 Pad

  • ½” loft
  • Designed for efficiency and dust holding capacity 
  • Tucked into the doors of the booth
  • Easily trimmed
  • Panels have an internal wire support inside the media to hold the panel inside the booth door housings
  • Tackifier and heavily callendered exit side allow for excellent particle retention

SAR 1 PadSAR 1 Panel

  • Fabricated from two media pads
  • Metal support is dielectrically heat sealed in between the two medias providing support and rigidity 
  • First layer catches the larger particles and the second layer catches the smaller particles
  • 100% of the second layer are tackified
  • Metal support is made from 9 gauge galvanized steel

Series ST 55 PanelSeries ST 55 Panel

  • Economical choice for crossdraft booths
  • Fabricated from two media pads 
  • Metal support dielectrically heat sealed in between the two medias providing support and rigidity
  • First layer catches large particles and the second layer catches smaller particles
  • Downstream side of the second layer is treated with a sticky non-migrating tackifier which holds trapped particles inside the filter
  • Metal support made of 9 gauge galvanized steel


Exhaust filters play an important role in maintaining proper air flow balance, increasing cleanliness of exhaust stacks, reducing maintenance of the exhaust system, and controlling V.O.C. emissions. The purpose of any exhaust filter is to capture over-spray particles and remove them from the airstream as air is removed or recirculated back into the booth. 

Exhaust filters can protect the environment, prolong the life of your booth, reduce harmful chemicals from the air you breath, and provide stable airflow in your booth.

332 Paint Arrestor332 Paint Arrestor

  • For use in all booth types
  • Highest quality fiberglass media available 
  • 18 grams of fiberglass per square foot
  • Available in 200 ft rolls and in pads
  • Ideal for paint capture due to their loose weave
  • Paint particles collide with the fiberglass and are removed from the airstream


    • Excellent choice for exhaust media in any booth 
    • Use of this media will keep the booth exhaust system cleaner when converting from fiberglass
    • Contains three distinct layers of polyester fibers that forms a funnel effect
    • First layer captures large particles, the second and third layers catch finer particles
    • The open weave on the first layer allows for large amounts of paint to be captured without clogging or substantial increases in air pressure.
    • Available in rolls and pads

YellowSERIES 331 Yellow Paint Arrestor Glass

    • Constructed of high quality fiberglass media that is 22 grams per square foot 
    • Available in 300 foot rolls and pads
    • Made from air-laid fiberglass forming a 2.5” thickness
    • The exit side has a skin backing for added efficiency
    • Paint particles collide with the fiberglass fibers and are removed from the airstream

Series 330 Green Paint ArrestorSERIES 330 Green Paint Arrestor Glass

      • Economy grade fiberglass media 
      • Made with 15 grams of fiberglass per square foot
      • Holds more paint than any other economy fiberglass media due to its skin exit side
      • Available in 300 foot rolls and pads
      • Made from air-laid fiberglass forming a 2.5” thickness
      • Paint particles collide with the fiberglass fibers and are removed from the airstream


        • Single pocket trapezoid cube filter 
        • 1” dual denier polyester media
        • Constructed with a 9 gauge wire for support
        • Larger surface area than conventional pads
        • Increased surface area allows the filter to hold more contaminants, increasing the life of the filter


        • Premium exhaust cubes 
        • 325T is 98% efficient
        • 425T is 99% efficient
        • Larger surface area than a conventional flat pad
        • Increase in surface area reduces the restriction to airflow and increases pain holding capacity
        • 325T consists of a dual denier polyester media and a 9-gauge wire frame. The dual denier media is used as an initial barrier, and a tightly woven thin media is used as a final particle barrier
        • 425T has an added layer of media applied to the downstream side of the filter


          • Ultrasonically sewn and attached to a 9 gauge galvanized support frame 
          • 1” header for easy placement in side access housings. Special bags may require no header
          • media is a 1” single denier polyester fiber with scrim backing
          • Little effect on airflow and has a high dust holding capacity
          • Unique pocket design increases the surface area which increases the life of the filter and reduces the pressure drop


          • Paper paint arrestor 
          • Kraft paper is pleated into accordian-like form with holes punched in the paper in consistent intervals
          • Second layer of paper is attached to the back with different hole placements